Sunday, December 7, 2008

Prof. Asoka Karunananda

Professor Asoka Karunananda has contributed to expand the opportunities for education in Sri Lanka. He is the first Professor of the Faculty of Information Technology, University of Moratuwa, and the first Sri Lankan professor who has a Doctoral qualification in Computer Science. Among his major contributions, in 1998 he introduced the use of bilingualism for popularizing Computing education without waiting to coin Sinhala words for the filed of Computing. He has also written a book on How to Learn to promote self-discovery of his/her own art of learning of individuals and the use of the same for increasing the capacity of learning. His book on How to do Research has contextualized the conduct of research with a national relevance. While working in the filed of Computing and Information Technology, Prof. Karunananda has shown a keen interest in the filed of Education with a view to inculcating good learning habits and guidance to improve life-long learning capacity of students.

Prof. Karunananda was a pioneer in introducing Artificial Intelligence teaching and research in Sri Lanka. He is a founder member ofSri Lanka Association for Artificial Intelligence (SLAAI), and served as President, Chairman/Popularization of AI, and Chairman/Research in AI of SLAAI. Professor Karunananda has the following Awards to his credit

  • 2007
    National Award for Popularization of Science by National Science Foundation

  • 2006 
    The CVCD Excellence Award for the Most Outstanding Researcher in Technology and Allied Sciences (jointly with Prof. Chandrakeerthi), awarded by Committee of Vice Chancellors and Directors of Sri Lanka (CVCD)

  • 2006 
    Best AI Project Award 2006 (jointly with GRC De Silva), awarded by Sri Lanka Association for Artificial Intelligence

  • 2006
    Outstanding Research Performance 2005 by University of Moratuwa

  • 2005 
    Outstanding contribution to the development of Open University, awarded by Open University of Sri Lanka

  • 2005 
    Young Scientist Award for Excellence in Popularization of Science, awarded by National Science and Technology Commission (NASTEC)

  • 2004 
    Commonwealth Research Fellowship, awarded by Commonwealth Scholarship Commission

  • 2004 
    Best Undergraduate project award (supervised by Prof. Karunananda), awarded by Health Informatics Society of Sri Lanka 
    Best Postgraduate research project award (supervised by Prof. Karunananda), by Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science

  • 2001
    Science Popularization award for the best science communicator, awarded by Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science

  • 1998 
    Writing for a popular computing book in bilingual form, awarded by Abacus Institute of Sri Lanka

  • 1992
    Commonwealth Scholarship for Doctoral Degree programme, awarded by Commonwealth Scholarship Commission


IT Faculty Student said...

He is a bloody arshole, cant speak 10 words in English, I was in his lectures and really a moron,

Do you know while he was in the best technology university in SL what he had to do is to count the attendance regisrty of the students but no academic work at all.

He deserves some kicks on his ass :D

Neutral said...

It's a shame that students like you HAPPENED to be in the IT Faculty. Those who know know how good a Professor he is and how devoted he is for the Faculty and the students. We all are really privileged to be his students and work under him. And no one can question his language abilities either. HE IS ONE OF THE BEST.

Sudarshana Sampath said...

Prof. Asoka S Karunananda is a very good(excellent,brilliant) author.
I read some books of him.
I want to buy some books like "How to do Research","pink","How to Learn". If any one knows places where I can buy those books, please let me know.

Kesara said...

Prof. Asoka lectures are so great. Can't agree with "IT Faculty Student"'s comments at all.

Asela said...

It is very pleasant to observe, the way he starts a lecture or even at a time of addressing a general audience.Has got values in his life.

I really cannot understand what has happened to IT faculties in Sri Lankan universities.

Do not make comments to the public based on your personal views.

IT_dail said...

He is a bloody ass hole. he doesn't has any social contacts,common sense.just act like a buffalo.others always should do what ever the thing he says, it doesn't matter how foolish is it. if not he just become an angry buffalo, and destroy everything.
finally i have to say this bugger is not suitable for the DEAN post in IT faculty

Sasanka said...

He is a visionary person who told me about the cloud computing which will come in the future (altimately we are there) in 1999 (as i remember) when he was in Open University.

Harindra's iPhone/iPad Development Blog said...

"මසැසින් නොව මනැසින් ලොව දුටු සොඳුරු මිනිසා "

පැන මඩ කඩිති වැව් තාවලු වැහි කාලේ
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සිප් කිරි පෙවූ මූසිලයින් උඩු මාලේ
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